Bad Saddles

"Bad Saddles are the best damn rock band in the Rock Island District!!!"

Patrick David - Midwest Action 


Broken City Records


"Thirds" by Bad Saddles                                         BCR0005     2017

  1. Roman Inn
  2. Get Bent
  3. Happy
  4. Keep On Smilin' (Wet Willie)
  5. Radiator Blues
  6. Spaceman (Byrds)
  7. Thirds
  8. Romance Dance
  9. Mind Of Your Own
  10. About Her Anymore
  11. Mind Of Your Own Reprise
  12. Time's Been Working On You
  13. Down
  14. Summer House
  15. One More Mountain

*All songs written by Bad Saddles except noted.

Produced by Bad Saddles, Featuring Joliet horn players and a crew of amazing musicians!

"Tanglewood" by Bad Saddles                               BCR0001      2011

1. Nashville Bound

2. Devils Door

3. Repair Man

4. Reckless Woman

5. Coyote Song                  

6. Tanglewood

7. Summerhouse

8. Long Way For Tomorrow

9. No Way To Win

10. Alligator

11. Broken City

*All songs written by Bad Saddles

Engineered and Produced by Brian Hammermeister and Bad Saddles

"On their full-length Tanglewood, Bad Saddles come across as four guys who love to sit around downing beers, while singing honky-tonk country & western. That boozed-up approach is fun on “Devil’s Door” and “Reckless Woman,” but feels overused by the time the band get to the final track, “Broken City.” Luckily, Tanglewood also has the catchy fun of the title track and the more energetic “Coyote Song,” which mixes electric and acoustic guitars with a strong melody."
                                                                                                        – Terrence Flamm, Illinois Entertainer


"Sad Battles" by Bad Saddles                                     BCR0003  2014 

1. Bills

2. Brother Majeeta

3. Enjoy The Ride

4. John Prine Just Played Chicago                      

5. Homemade Music (Jim Post)

6. Somewhere Far Away

7. If I Had A Nickel                          

8. Unhappy Trails

9. Sad Battles

10. Tomorrow Will Be There When I'm Gone                            

11. Thanks To You

*All Songs by Bad Saddles unless otherwise noted

Engineered and Produced by Bad Saddles with a helping hand from Brian Hammermeister 

"I like it better than mine. The marriage of a band that plays together with the song sounds so much better than the lifelessness of the studio band."

-Jim Post, Rock & Roll Legend, Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Author 


Other Releases from Broken City

 "The Tim Streit Album" by Tim Streit             BCR0002     2011

1. Old News

2. Song For You

3. Hammer River

4. Hey! Walter

5. Hot Summer Thinking            

6. Better Days

7. Colorado (Stephen Stills)

8. Inside-Out Man

9. Saturday Sadderday                  

10. Home Sweet Home

11. The World Outside My Window

*All songs by Tim Streit unless otherwise noted

Engineered and Produced by Brian Hammermeister and Tim Streit 

"Proof that Steve Goodman's music lives on and that Goodman people are everywhere."

-Clay Eals, Journalist, Publications Editor, Author 

"Kyle Streit" by Kyle Streit                             2009

1. Space Wizard

2. To Wake Up No More

3. Lost and Destroyed

4. Wish Me Well (Booker/Reed)

5. Headed Home

6. Dead

7. Western Ford Gateway (John)

8. Grape Jam

9. Tell Me Why (Young)

10. Foolish Mind

11. Abstract Plain & Headache (Black Francis)

12. Farewell 

*All songs by Kyle Streit unless otherwise noted

All songs performed by Kyle Streit - Engineered by Brian Hammermeister

"Timbuktu" by Tim Streit                                    BCR0004      2014

1. Sweet Anne Marie

2. Title My Name

3. Rainbows All Over Your Blues (John B. Sebastian)

4. Boogie Your Blues

5. Put It In A Dream

6. Nothing You Can Do

7. A Couple More Years (Shel Silverstein / Dennis Locorriere)

8. I Left My Heart In Galena

9. Dark Hollow (Bill Browning)

10. 1987

11. My Song (Tim Streit / Kyle Streit) 

* All songs by Tim Streit unless otherwise noted

Produced and Engineered by Brian Hammermeister and Tim Streit, except "My Song", "Rainbows All Over You Blues" and "Boogie Your Blues" Produced and Engineered by Brandon Valfre and Tim Streit

Featuring Steve Haberichter, Paul Hilton, Nate Wilson and more!!!

"A storyteller who has certainly come into his own throughout this era of his life and this album (Timbuktu) is more than substatial proff of that."

         -Vahn Hickey 

"Nice Version, nice pedal steel guy! Thanks for doin' it"

-John Sebastian, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer


"S.G." by Scott Gregory                                                                 2003

1. Suspended Imagination

2. What I'm Gonna Do

3. New Shot

4. Who Needs You

5. Such A Disgrace

6. Intuition (Will Win)

7. Holding Your Own

8. Reality

9. Easier To Prove

10. Jane

11. A Cruel Way

12. Captain No Work

13. Suspended Imagination (Reprise)

*All Songs by Scott M. Gregory

Engineered, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Scott M. Gregory



"We Are DeadFingers" by DeadFingers           2010

1. You Ain't No Queen

2. DeadFingers Get Sassy

3. Inside Your Mind

4. No Relief

5. Get Home Alive

6. Lights Out

7. Nothing For Me

8. Less Is What Your Not

9. For Granted

10. Get Out Of My Fun

11. 2+2=? (B. Seger)

*All songs written by DeadFingers unless otherwise noted

Engineered and Produced by Brian Hammermeister 





Old News

2/5/17 - We will release our new record 'Thirds' on March 10th at Chicago St Pub in Joliet. Hope to see ya there. 

10/6/16 - We are working on our third record 'Thirds'. We hope to drop new record early next year. Stay tuned, we will be booking after the release. 

8/20/16 - Come out to Hopstring Fest this weekend and checkout all the bands and tasty brews!

1/16/16 - We are excited to be opening for HEARTSFIELD at Fitzgerald! Come out to see the legendary Chicago band take the stage.

12/30/15 -  Happy New Years from the Saddles. We are pleased to announce that we will be starting the year off right! We will be opening for the legendary Chicago rock band Heartsfield at Fitzgeralds on 1/16/2016. Get you your tickets at for more info. 

10/2/15 - Fans and friends, Bad Saddles are hard at work going into the winter months. We are moving forward with writing and recording our third record. Stay tuned for more info.

8/1/15 - Tickets to Hopstring Fest now available.  

6/9/15 - Bad Saddles Sad Battles is now on iTunes. More Broken City Records to follow. Check it out.

3/21/15 - New Shows booked, come check us out Chicago. And Coming soon. Bad Saddles on itunes.. For what it's Worth.

1/4/15 - Happy New Year from Bad Sads. We have a lot planned for this year. Shows to come very soon. 

11/30/14 - Saddles would like to thank everybody who came out last night to our release gig at Martyrs'. We had a blast playing for you all.

11/5/14 - Bad Saddles will be playing a surprise show tonight with Maxwell Hughes (The Lumineers) At The Drunkin' Donuts EW. Hope to see everybody there to show some support as he passes through on his tour. 

9/9/14 - Saddles announce album release show at Martyrs' on Black Saturday 2014! Come get a copy and enjoy some jams with our friends THE LEADFOOT BAND!  

8/30/14 - Bad Saddles play the Q Bar tonight in Darien. We are excited to announce that the set will be being recorded for some future endeavors.

7/28/14 - The long awaited brand new album "Sad Battles" is almost hot off the press. It's been a long time coming, stay tuned!!!

7/26/14 - Bad Saddles launch new website. Thanks for stopping by.